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MetalS3 is a databse search tool to find structuraly similar Minimal Funtional Sites (MFSs) to a given MFS. When the input (query) structure of Metal Funtional Site is compared to sites in the Metal PDB database, MetalS3 will reveal similarities and provide with a list of corresponding structural alignments.

Click here to see an example of MetalS3 output: 1dmh FE_400_B

If you want to superimpose two particular structures, you can do it using the MetalS2 pairwise alignment tool.

MetalS3 Input
Query Site Details
PDB code:
PDB file:
Threshold coordination distance:
Excluded donor atoms:
Metal of interest (optional):

MetalS3, a database-mining tool for the identification of structurally similar metal sites.
Valasatava Y, Rosato A, Cavallaro G, Andreini C.
J Biol Inorg Chem. 2014 Apr 4. [PMID: 24699831]

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