About Us:
MetalPred was developed within the framework of the MetalWeb project, which aims at creating a comprehensive resource for the study of metals in biology.
MetalPred Team:
  1. Claudia Andreini is the coordinator of the project. She received her Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences in 2006, and has a long-term expertise in the development of databases and bioinformatics tools to study metals in biological systems.
  2. Yana Valasatava is the postdoctoral researcher at CERM, the University of Florence. She received her PhD in Structural Biology in 2015 at the University of Florence. Her research interests focus on the development of web resources and tools to study metalloproteins.
  3. Dr.Antonio Rosato is Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Florence since 2002. He received his PhD in Chemistry in 1998 at the University of Florence. Metalloproteins are the main focus of his research activities.
  4. Enrico Morelli is the system administrator at CERM, the University of Florence. He has a long-term experience in developing databases and web-based interfaces.