Metal Site

Information on the PDB Chain(s) containing the Site
PDB Chain Molecule Name Organism Name UniProt Id EC Number
2foy_B Carbonic anhydrase 1 Homo sapiens P00915

Information on the Site
Site Name Nuclearity Location Physiological Relevance Site Image
2foy_2 Mononuclear Within a Chain Not Physiological (Inhibitor)
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Information on the Metal(s) in the Site
MetalMetal Id in PDBCoordination NumberCoordination GeometryEndogenous LigandsExogenous Ligands
Copper (Cu) B30 316(B) CU 5 irregular (n/a) HIS_103(B) B30_316(B)

Site Classifications
CATH Id SCOP Id Pfam Domain  b.74.1.1  Carb_anhydrase 

Copper - (Cu) - Cu_316(B)_CU
Coordination Geometry ImageCoordination GeometryCoordination NumberMetal-binding Pattern
irregular (n/a) 5 H
Ligand Id in PDB Relative Solvent Accessibility Absolute Solvent Accessibility Secondary Structure Donor Atom Name in PDB Donor Atom Distance (Å) Show/Download interactions
B30_316(B) n/a n/a n/a OXC O 2.016
N11 N 2.337
OXB O 1.960
N8 N 2.952
HIS_103(B) 38.6 % 70.67
NE2 N 2.357

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